Our hospital, which has a closed area of ​​12.000 m2 with its experienced management, doctors, health personnel and expert staff, has been providing health services in the Döşemealtı region as Private Termessos Hospital as of July 2018.

In our 6-storey hospital located 22 kilometers from the airport;

  • 75 Beds
  • 3 Deluxe Rooms
  • 3 Disabled Rooms
  • 40 Standard Rooms
  • 5 Operating Rooms
  • 3 Delivery rooms
  • 24 Adult Intensive Care
  • There are 5 Neonatal Intensive Care Units.

Our Values

  • EXCELLENCE IN MEDICAL SERVICES We aim to meet the health-related needs and demands of all our patients who apply to our hospital, and to ensure that they lead a healthier, higher quality, effective and productive life. In order to achieve excellence in medical services, we constantly monitor medical results, evaluate and explain them in line with the standards accepted in the world. While we try to raise awareness of everyone who apply to our hospital about maintaining a healthy life, we also organize trainings for our own team to maintain and improve our medical service quality.
  • PATIENT SATISFACTIONPeople who choose to receive service from our institution can easily access all the health services they need within the hospital by applying to any point of our hospital. For our hospital, one of the most important success indicators is the satisfaction of our patients. In this context, we systematically monitor and research the satisfaction of our patients receiving service from our institution, and use the results we obtain to improve the services we offer. One of our most important responsibilities towards our patients is to manage our costs and efficiency effectively, without compromising our high quality.
  • QUALIFIED TEAM AND MODERN INFRASTRUCTURE The most important factor that creates our difference is our dedicated and devoted team with the education, experience and qualifications required to be the best in their profession. Our hospital will continue to be the institution where the best are always trained, worked and preferred, with a working environment that fully reflects our values ​​and allows employees to use and develop their potential at the highest level. One of the most important elements that will enable us to achieve excellence in all the services we offer is our modern infrastructure. For this reason, we are constantly improving our infrastructure with the most up-to-date technologies in order to increase the efficiency, quality and efficiency of our services, by following the developments in technology carefully.

Our quality policy

  • -To ensure patient and employee satisfaction
  • Protecting the rights of patients and their relatives
  • Informing and educating at all stages of treatment and procedures
  • Aiming to improve by continuous measurement and evaluation with the participation of all employees
  • To provide international service by increasing our professional staff
  • Using the developments in technology; to work without departing from scientific, conscientious and ethical principles
  • Ensuring employee participation by supporting continuous training
  • Providing quality service at affordable cost
  • To provide contemporary, friendly, innovative and reliable service

Our Mission

Adopting human health as a principle, providing preventive and curative health services to our patients with all innovations, while providing this service, it is to apply open, contemporary and reliable treatment that observes the rights of the patient, constantly grows and develops, and meets the attainable expectations and needs at the highest level.

our vision

While providing uninterrupted service with its modern infrastructure and qualified employees, which has gained confidence with its service approach that does not compromise on ethical values, as an institution, it is to stand out with our honest, accurate and contemporary works, and to be shown as the reference hospital of the region by gaining high satisfaction of patients and their relatives.

You can download our much more detailed promotional brochures from our Documents page.

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